Why I am Qualified to Serve

As a volunteer supporting the IEEE, I have been privileged to serve in several different areas, across much of the organization*.  I have demonstrated experience across the depth and breadth of our organization. This experience uniquely qualifies me to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist within IEEE today.

This diverse set of volunteer experiences has provided me with visibility into the various dimensions of the IEEE and has provided me with opportunities to view our organization from a variety of volunteer perspectives. It is through this experience that I have come to understand that while we are ‘One IEEE’, IEEE is a varied and large organization and one size does not necessarily fit all. It is important that whoever leads IEEE – they must remain agile and sensitive to all constituencies and their unique needs.

As I have in the past, I will continue to support the description and launch of concrete initiatives that deliver measurable improvements.  I will work to define directions that enable collaboration, support interoperability, clarify our finances, strengthen our marketing, and sustain plans for future improvement.

*For additional information refer to IEEE Activities and Accomplishments.