Jose’ M F Moura, 2019 IEEE President

I have known Kathy Land for about ten years now. We both served in TAB in 2009, Kathy as President of the Computer Society and me as President of the Signal  Processing Society. Then in 2012, both of us served in TAB as Division Directors and IEEE Board Directors. Finally, in 2017, again in TAB, me as TAB Past VP and Kathy as VP-Elect. I came to appreciate Kathy as an independent thinker, a doer, a dedicated volunteer with IEEE’s best interest at heart, and someone whose advice and counsel I often looked for.


Lisa Lazareck-Asunta, R8, 2019 Chair Women In Engineering (WIE), SMIEEE

It is an honour to endorse Kathy. She is a true leader: technical to her core, open and trustworthy, engaging and accessible, plus – she knows the IEEE inside and out.  I have the utmost confidence that Kathy will use her tenacity, desire for change, and understanding of the IEEE’s political landscape to make a difference. I have been working with Kathy since 2016, when we both sat on TAB’s Strategic Planning Committee. She has been generous with her time ever since I met her, and she is certainly not afraid of doing the work required to help IEEE improve. She is an inspiration, has my highest possible recommendation, and will serve IEEE and its membership with distinction.


K. J. Ray Liu, R2, 2019 IEEE Vice President, Technical Activities; Division IX Director (16-17), President of Signal Processing Society (12-13)                                        

Kathy is one of the most dedicated volunteer leaders I have ever met. She has served in many IEEE positions with distinction. We start working together for demanding financial transparency at IEEE. It was a grass root effort, not well appreciated at first, that needs persistence and perseverance. Through many years of endeavor, Kathy has demonstrated her leadership skill and a loyal team player who brought many together to accomplish a difficult evangelistic task – now almost everyone has agreed that financial transparency is one of the most important daunting tasks that IEEE is facing and needs to improve for the benefit of itself and its members. IEEE will be fortunate to have a President like Kathy, who understand the major challenges IEEE is facing and whose heart is always with the well being of its members. Kathy will make an outstanding IEEE President.


Hironori Kasahara, R10, FIEEE, IEEE Computer Society President 2018, IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Professional Member

It is my great pleasure to endorse Ms. Susan Kathy Land for the role of the 2021 IEEE President. She was the IEEE Computer Society President 2009 when I joined Computer Society Board of Governors as a new member from Region 10. She gently and naturally cared international members throughout her presidential year. I was very impressed with her humanity and kind consideration for inclusiveness.

Also, she is a strong and reliable leader that solves very difficult problems in right ways with consensus of board members promptly based on her advanced technology and industry experiences. Meetings with her are always enjoyable even for difficult discussion. After her Computer Society leadership, she has been working for IEEE as various positions including VP for TAB. Even now, she helps to overcome very hard problems in Computer Society as a past president for future of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.

I strongly believe she will make innovative and valuable activities for the IEEE members in all regions and divisions as the IEEE President.


Dr. Ramalatha Marimuthu, R10, Senior member, Board of Governors IEEE Computer Society; Chair, IEEE Women in Engineering Committee 2011-2012

I have known Kathy for more than eight years when we were on the IEEE Women in Engineering Committee together and then when I was the Chair of the Committee. The year I took over as Chair, we were given the task of moving the WIE Committee under any one of the Boards. So I wanted volunteers to work with me on this task. Kathy was the first one to volunteer. She and Holly Cyrus worked on it diligently and even published a white paper on that. The SWOT analysis they did together was commendable and based on the findings, we were able to come to a concrete conclusion. She is a positive person with clear views on policies and her contributions in bringing out the strategic documents of the committee are noteworthy.

She is a friendly, open and cheerful person. She laughs a lot and appreciates others a lot. We used to talk after the meetings over a meal on the day’s discussion and her insights and comments were something I valued very much. I have witnessed her arguments during the discussions and was amazed at her knowledge on the financial policies, by laws, current status and her ability to clearly put her thoughts into words such that the audience will get the correct picture. Many a times I have seen committee members following her lead on a matter of discussion and am sure her leadership will bring a positive enhancement to the image of IEEE.

I have also followed her IEEE career after she moved from the WIE and I am very happy about her achievements. Her ability to mentor and guide others on the right path, her way of celebrating other’s success and her empathy with others are valuable assets to IEEE, which strives to work towards helping humanity through technology. I, therefore, strongly endorse Kathy for the position of 2020 IEEE President, since I believe that the focus of IEEE’s mission and vision strongly align with the character and abilities of Kathy. Her leadership will steer IEEE to a great new level bringing pride to every member, volunteer and staff.


Drew Lowery, R2, YP; Region 2 Student Activities Coordinator, Pittsburgh Section Student Activities Coordinator; Pittsburgh Section Entrepreneurs Network Chair, and Past Section Chair

It is my pleasure to strongly endorse Kathy Land for the position of President-Elect of IEEE. She is an outstanding candidate due to her extensive knowledge and experience within MGA and TAB, strong leadership skills, and ability to inspire and motivate.  I had the opportunity to work with Kathy while she was VP-TAB on an ad hoc committee on entrepreneurship. While this led to an expansion of entrepreneurial activities within the IEEE, it showed me her dedication and desire to better the IEEE through new initiatives and inclusion.  Kathy has also spent much time and effort on bolstering activities and experiences for Young Professionals, STEM outreach, and student and educational activities. These are cohorts who will be directly affected by the direction of the IEEE, and is the reason a strong leaders who is willing to try new things is needed. Bringing to the IEEE her dedication, knowledge, and passion, Kathy would make an amazing IEEE President.


Bruno Meyer, R8, FIEEE, Division VII Director (2018-2019), IEEE Assembly Power & Energy Delegate, Member IEEE TAB (2018-2019). Works in France for RTE

I’ve known Ms. S.Kathy Land since I’ve been involved in leadership positions at IEEE level. She has been an exceptional VP of the Technical Activity Board (TAB). There, she had to manage a group of about 60 Society/Council Presidents and Division Directors. I’ve appreciated her rare combination of vision and will to make this vision concrete for IEEE members. She listens to others’ viewpoints, she is open to discussion, but she is attentive to move from discussion to action. Another noteworthy value of Kathy is her capacity of bringing people from different communities to come on board and working together. Last but not least, she’s attentive to IEEE’s finances, always having in mind to make the most of the available budget, and see things in the long range. At IEEE Board of Directors, she is always very respectful to other people’s opinions, but also able to make her positions very clear to the benefit of future votes. She knows where she thinks IEEE should be heading, attentive to reach the goals set, but in an open and cooperative way. I believe Ms. Land has all the qualities for leading a global organization as IEEE and make it advance in times when no association should take its future for granted. A last point, Kathy has a great personality, and is a pleasant person to work with. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.


Samantha Snabes, R3, Chair of the Entrepreneurship Initiative & IEEE N3XT Stars Judge, $1 million winner at the 2018 WeWork Creator Awards

Kathy is a visionary leader who is on the cutting edge of rapidly accelerating IEEE innovation. It was under Kathy’s influence and mentorship that IEEE Entrepreneurship was able to transition from an Ad Hoc to a Standing committee with leadership and activities spanning all regions with true collaboration across both internal & external communities.  She is a gifted communicator who brings together non-traditional partners in ways that increase synergy and productivity. Kathy is highly competent, intelligent, creative, caring, and fun.  She has  my highest possible recommendation and esteem.


Damir Novosel, R3, PES Immediate Past President

I have been privileged to work with Susan (Kathy) Land at IEEE Technical Advisory Board and understand her vision how to make IEEE more relevant to the industry while continue serving academic needs. She has unique skills to provide both strategic and tactical perspectives on issues important to IEEE and the society overall. IEEE has a great impact on our society but there is a need to address challenges and opportunities that engineering profession is facing to reach the full potential. Kathy has shown that she has deep insight into needs of our membership and has ideas to attract new members by improving existing products and services and by offering new ones.

She is well suited to be IEEE president who will set strategic goals and will also take actions to achieve those goals. Kathy is very passionate and driven person that speaks her mind and is well respected by her peers. She is the right person to make needed changes to improve IEEE.


Rabab Ward, R7, Director-Elect Division IX, 2016-2017 President, IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2016-2017, Chair, IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Africa and Education, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, IEEE Can. Academy of Engineers, Engineering Inst. of Canada

I have worked with Kathy for the last 5 years, since my election as President-Elect of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.  I was impressed by her innovative ideas, confidence and integrity.  I went to her for advice because of her deep knowledge of IEEE and openness. Her empathy and commitment to advancing all of IEEE members irrespective of gender and nationality were admirable I was fortunate to serve with her on the TAB Strategic Committee and then under her leadership on the TAB Management Committee Kathy stressed the terms of reference and scope of the committee, and with this clear focus, it was possible to plan strategically, The collaborative environment she encouraged invited ideas by all, and she stood by the decisions reached.  with Kathy Land’s leadership, IEEE will surely reach new heights.


Witold Kinsner, R7, PhD, PEng, FEC, FEIC, FCAE Professor, Cognitive Systems Group Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB, Canada; IEEE Vice President, Educational Activities, 2018-19; IEEE Canada Past President, 2018-19; University of Manitoba Senator, 2008-20

I have known Kathy Land for a number of years, and found her to be a most caring person who is very knowledgeable, efficient, dedicated, and passionate. She sees cooperation between individuals and organizational units as a prerequisite to the success of our volunteering efforts in an increasingly complex world.

Teaching, research and service towards development of others have always been my passion and proactive engagement. Education must change as it no longer can fit all for a single job in a lifetime. Kathy’s interest in mindful cooperation may be instrumental in this existential educational endeavor.  IEEE has been developed by explorers, and Kathy stands tall among them all.


Mary Ellen Randall, R3, 2017 IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Vice President; 2016-2019 MOVE Community Outreach Program Director

I strongly endorse Kathy Land for IEEE President-Elect. We work together in the MOVE program where Kathy has been invaluable and is currently a member of the program fundraising committee.  We worked together on the Region 2 ExCom where she did a great job as Awards Chair. We worked together as MGA VP and TAB VP-Elect and served together in the IEEE Board of Directors.  Kathy gets things done and always keeps the members first. She is a leader we can count on for principled leadership. Please join me in supporting Kathy.


John Walz, R4, 2019 IEEE Board of Directors, Division V; 2017 IEEE Treasurer; IEEE 2012 Computer Society President

I have known and worked with Kathy Land for twenty years within IEEE, where I have seen her important presidential attributes: integrity, tenacity, dedicated, confident, humility, reliable, collaborative, committed, respectful, ethical, positive, insightful thinker, strong contributor, inclusiveness of others, gifted communicator, passionate for the community and mission, speaks her mind, identifying talent to serve, and understanding complexity with its crucial problems having strategic consequences. She will be a transformative president of the IEEE by creating more value for its members and their impact on humanity.


Melba Crawford, R4, FIEEE, IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) Treasurer (2017-2019); President IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) (2013-2014)

I have worked with Kathy Land as TAB VP Elect, TAB VP, and now as TAB Past VP, during which I have been TAB Treasurer. Kathy’s commitment to the issues of integrity, diversity and responsible financial transparency has been demonstrated continuously throughout her service to IEEE. She is open-minded and embraces new ideas, while building on experience. She encourages productive criticism and works creatively to advance the principles and goals of IEEE throughout all OUs. Her experience, as well as her forward looking agenda, is critical to the leadership required of the President of IEEE.


Robby Robson, R6, IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors Member-At-Large; Chair, IEEE Computer Society Standards Activity Board Standards Committee; Chair, IEEE Standards  Education Committee

When I think of Kathy Land two works come to mind: effective leadership. Kathy’s goals of supporting diversity and innovations in many forms are spot on, but in the end it’s the ability to execute that matters, and that it where Kathy stands out. She has exceptional interpersonal skills, is not afraid of making tough decisions, and has demonstrated time and time again that she can get things done within the IEEE and in her career. If the past is any indication of the future, she will work hard and make an outstanding president.


Andy Chen, R7, Vice President IEEE Computer Society Professional and Educational Activities Board

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Ms. Kathy Land for 2020 IEEE President. Over the past seven years I have had several opportunities to work with Kathy. As a long-time volunteer for IEEE Computer Society, I am currently a member of Board of Governors and the Vice President for Professional and Educational Activities Board. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Kathy and to observe her accomplishments, skills and performance as a distinguished leader. Kathy’s unwavering commitment to the mission and goals of the IEEE have truly been remarkable.

Kathy’s genuine commitment to the success of the IEEE, visionary leadership, dynamic style and proven ability to develop synergies amongst different organizational units with IEEE combined with her candidness and friendly demeanor provide the perfect blend of traits for our next president.


Jean-Luc Gaudiot, R6, FIEEE, UC Distinguished Professor, 2017 Computer Society President

I first met Kathy many years ago when I began my involvement in the leadership of the Computer Society. I was immediately impressed by her intense dedication, some may call it “love,” for the community she has been serving so well. I have observed how, in the various leadership positions she has occupied, she was able to “zero in” on the crucial problems at hand and marshal the volunteer resources to implement the practical and innovative solutions she initiated. I have also noticed how she was able to identify the most talented volunteers, expertly lead them and even mentor the most promising of our colleagues. This and her accomplishments in the service of all of us are the mark of a true leader and I cannot think of a better president for our Institute.

I have perused the other endorsements. They are all from the luminaries of our community and I am at the same time honored and humbled to be on this list. Their high praise alone speaks volumes as to the high regard in which our colleagues hold Kathy.


Chase E. Battaglio, P.E., R 3; IEEE Region 3 Secretary (2016-2018), IEEE Atlanta Section Chair (2014-2015)

I have had the great pleasure to work with Kathy Land since 2016 through IEEE Region 3 activities. During our time at Region 3, I observed that Kathy would quickly find and implement enhancement to ease volunteer workload. While serving as Awards Chair for Region 3, she streamlined the award process and improved reference materials. These enhancements eased the transition process between Awards Committee Chairs and improved the Awards Banquet process during the annual Region 3 Southeast Conference. Additionally, Kathy is willing to going above and beyond to ensure that members are receiving the best IEEE experience possible by ensuring that all volunteers are held to high ethical standards. Kathy’s experience on both sides of IEEE, Technical Activities Board and Member & Geographic Activities, makes her the best candidate to steer IEEE in the best strategic direction for long-term growth and technical recognition.


Harold Javid, R6, Chair IEEE Seattle Chapter 2019, Division V Director – IEEE Board of Directors 2015-2016, Member IEEE CS BoG 2013, Chair IEEE CS Industry Advisory Board 2011-2012

I have worked actively with Kathy Land since 2013. She has actively served the IEEE at societal and region level. She brings a comprehensive understanding of how the IEEE operates as members, as societies and as regions. There are many things I like about Kathy; three stand out:

  1. She is interested in issues and solutions. In looking at solutions she seeks to understand reality, consult broadly, and then formulate her approach. Even after she has an approach she listens to all views.
  2. She has demonstrated the ability to pull together people of many viewpoints to work on the initiatives she cares about. She is not afraid of the diversity of opinion.
  3. She recognizes and supports the development of new talent and volunteers. She identifies people of capacity who with common sense and mature experience step in the field of action, creating our future leadership.


S V Sankaran, R10, Life Sr. Member, 2010 & 2012 Computer Society VP for MGA

It was in 2009 that I had my first association with Kathy Land when she became the Computer Society President succeeding  Rangachar Kasturi and she had nominated me as VP for Chapter Activities, my first major assignment with the Computer Society. Her support and encouragement helped me a lot in doing good justice to that role, which resulted in the next incoming CS President Jim Isaak selecting me as VP to least the newly created CS MGA Board for 2010.  And Kathy was generous in appreciating my role with multiple recognitions.  Kathy’s pioneer role in promoting software engineering is well known. She has credited herself very well in various IEEE & CS roles over the years including two terms on the IEEE Board as Division Director and in 2018 as VP for Technical Activities.  With her breadth & depth of IEEE and knowledge of its successes, problems & needs, Kathy is an excellent candidate for the IEEE President-Elect. I am confident that she will lead IEEE to newer heights that will earn the appreciation of members worldwide.


Ken Stauffer, R3, IEEE Life Senior Member, Past Chair of IEEE Entrepreneurship, Chair of Vaughn College Board of Trustees

In 2015 we launched the IEEE Entrepreneurship Initiative and in 2018 it became an IEEE Standing Committee; Kathy Land was with us through out Entrepreneurial journey providing advice and assistance. I first met Kathy in 2015 and she was one of our biggest supporters as we looked for sponsors — she recognized the value that Entrepreneurs bring to IEEE.

I strongly endorse Kathy Land for IEEE President because I like the way she thinks, the way she acts, and her wonderful sense of humor. Kathy has great leadership qualities and I know she will make a great IEEE President!


Celia Desmond, R7, President IEEE Communications Society 2002-2003, President IEEE Canada 2000-2001, VP Technical Activities 2006, IEEE Secretary 2007 and 2012, VP (Various) TEMS/TMC/EMS 2006-2018, Region 7 Awards Chair and Parliamentarian 2017-2018

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy Land in different roles at senior levels of IEEE over multiple years.  On the Board of Directors and in TAB Kathy has always been fair, consistent, dedicated and efficient.  She encourages volunteers to contribute, she makes solid decisions based on facts and she makes the volunteers feel encouraged and appreciated.  She is a leader who is dedicated to making IEEE the best organization for technical material and networking. She encourages people to use their skills and knowledge to best serve IEEE in a very professional manner.  She gets results which strengthen the organization.  I highly recommend Kathy for IEEE President-Elect.


Mark Nixon, R8, President of the Biometrics Council; Vice-chair, IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB)

 I am delighted to endorse Susan (Kathy) Land for the President of the IEEE. This is a demanding and leading position; Kathy can offer the drive and leadership that the IEEE needs. The IEEE also needs new ideas and new direction, as well as an ability to focus on and to resolve new challenges. She is an eminently suitable candidate.

I have formed this opinion working with her over the past couple of years at Technical Activities Board. As TAB is primarily operational, it blends political with managerial skills in order to ensure that this central component of IEEE activities proceeds with good effect. Kathy has served as President-Elect, and is now President whilst I have been the President of the Biometrics Council, and she has demonstrated these skills to good effect at TAB. I am thus delighted to endorse her for Presidency, and have a high confidence in my support.


Roberto de Marca, R9, FIEEE, 2014 IEEE President; IEEE 2000-2001 Communications Society President IEEE 2012

I have known Kathy Land for more than a decade and I have served with her in many IEEE Committees and Boards, including the Technical Activities Board and the IEEE Board of Directors. Kathy has a deep understanding of IEEE activities that come from numerous positions she held in IEEE Region 3, in the IEEE Computer Society and at Corporate IEEE. In every position she held, Kathy made concrete contributions for positive change that span areas from membership to standards and from financial transparency to governance. She always had the courage and insightfulness to ask the hard questions. In summary, Kathy Land has all the personal and professional qualifications to hold the office of IEEE President with integrity, dedication, knowledge and creativity. She will lead IEEE to a continued bright future as an organization.


Andrea Goldsmith, R6, IEEE Fellow, Chair, TAB Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, President IEEE Information Theory Society, 2009, Chair IEEE AdHoc on Diversity and Inclusion 2019

It is my great pleasure to endorse Kathy Land as the next president of the IEEE. Kathy will make an outstanding president who would bring deep knowledge, expertise, dedication, and vision to the role. Her breadth of volunteer positions within the IEEE and her successes in each of them have improved the organization in multiple dimensions, including locally within her society, chapter, and region, as well as in her high-level leadership roles within TAB and in oversight. I have worked closely with Kathy in my role as Chair of the IEEE Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, and I credit her deep knowledge of IEEE processes and people coupled with her dedication to diversity and inclusion as instrumental in the formation of my committee and in its successes to date. I have been deeply impressed with and grateful for Kathy’s integrity, tenacity and knowledge in responding to any question I have regarding my committee’s goals and how to achieve them. She is an incredible motivator and resource for IEEE volunteers as she makes our jobs easier and more impactful. Her current leadership of TAB has also demonstrated a command of the most important challenges facing the IEEE and how to address them. I believe that Kathy would be a transformative president of the IEEE, creating more value for its members, improving its business processes and finances, and enhancing our profession and its impact on humanity.


Roger U. Fujii, R6, FIEEE, IEEE Foundation Board of Directors (2015-2017, 2018, 2020), IEEE Board of Directors, Director Division VIII, 2012-2014, 2016 IEEE Computer Society President, IEEE USA Board of Directors 2017

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Susan Kathy Land for IEEE President Elect. Kathy would be an outstanding IEEE President because she has extensive knowledge of IEEE operations, technical activities (societies/councils) and most importantly effective leadership skills.

Kathy has extensive knowledge of IEEE operations by serving on the major IEEE committees and by participating in IEEE decision making in her role as IEEE Division Director (serving two terms) on the IEEE Board of Directors. Also, as a long time IEEE volunteer, Kathy has an intimate understanding of the needs of our members and staff.

Kathy’s leadership style of collaborative consensus seeking has earned her the admiration of all who have worked with her. She has gotten many new initiatives accomplished while maintaining a positive working atmosphere within IEEE. These leadership qualities make her ideally suited to be IEEE President. Kathy also has a strong business acumen through her role as the Program Manager of the National Missile Defense Program software group. She delivered the core software system on time and within budget – quite an accomplishment. Kathy will make an outstanding IEEE President.


Elizabeth Burd, R10, IEEE Board of Directors, 2019 Division VIII

I first met Kathy when she was President of the IEEE Computer Society. During that year, she lead the introduction of the Computer Society’s first ever strategic planning process. After that amazing year, Kathy was nominated and elected to the IEEE BoG. Highly unusual for the Computer Society, Kathy’s nomination was approved for two consecutive terms. This stands testament to the outstanding contributions she has made both for the Society and the IEEE after completion of a six year board term Kathy is TAB VP. From my role on TAB (Director Elect) I have personally watched Kathy navigate challenging issues with both determination and respect. Thus, I wholeheartedly support Kathy’s nomination and believe that under her leadership that IEEE will be transformative.


Dr. S. Reisman, R6, 2011 Computer Society President; Chair, IEEE COMPSAC

I have known and worked continuously with Kathy Land for almost 20 years beginning when we were first active Computer Society volunteers. Kathy and I served closely on the Computer Society Board of Governors in many positions, including the Executive Committee when she and I were vice presidents, later as presidents, and still later when she served 2 terms as IEEE Division Director.

Kathy is a dedicated, committed, and serious IEEE volunteer who clearly understands the value of IEEE to members of our profession – both practitioner and academic. In all the committees and activities in which we have worked together, Kathy has shown herself to be a creative and outstanding leader able to engage and motivate volunteers and to lead them in many ways, to develop and operationalize both tactical and strategic plans and projects.

There is no question that Kathy would be the ideal president to lead IEEE forward in the ‘interesting’ times in which we live. I heartily and unequivocally endorse her as candidate for IEEE’s presidency.


Ruth A. Dyer, Ph.D., R5, FIEEE; Association of Women in Science Fellow; Junior Past President, IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society

I am a member of IEEE Region 5 and am pleased to endorse the candidacy of Susan Kathy. I have known Kathy for more than three years through our service together on the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB), through our work on the Ad Hoc TAB Financial Transparency Committee, and most recently in serving on the TAB Contracts Ad Hoc Committee. Kathy has brought tremendous leadership, insight, perseverance, and a strong collaborative spirit to the efforts of all of these groups. Most importantly, there have been concrete actions and outcomes from these groups because of her involvement. She is thoughtful and innovative in the ideas she proposes, measured in her actions, and resolute in her commitment. She clearly expresses her perspective on issues, while remaining open to input from others and is not afraid to revise her stance based on the feedback she receives. These are all important traits for anyone in a leadership position, and certainly for someone serving as the IEEE President.   I believe Susan Kathy Land would be an excellent IEEE President and whole-heartedly endorse her candidacy.


Jill Gostin, R3, IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors; Region 3 Director-Elect

I am the Region 3 Director-Elect, and have worked with Ms. Land in IEEE at the Region level, the Society level (Computer Society), and the Board level where I am now serving as her appointed TAB representative to MGA. However, I first met Ms. Land through our work. I work for the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and at the time I was working on a program supporting the Missile Defense Agency, assessing the algorithms and performance of the Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications system. Ms. Land was MDA’s technical lead responsible for the development of the system prototype, so we worked together during many technical review meetings, and in risk assessment. I became very familiar with her technical and leadership skills. When Ms. Land spoke, everyone listened – her comments were always concise, clear, direct, insightful, and forward thinking.

My first IEEE interactions with Ms. Land were in re-starting my local Computer Society (CS) Chapter. She offered to come speak at a kick-off meeting, which paved the way toward rejuvenating a group that hadn’t met for several years. She later suggested that I consider becoming a member of the CS Board of Governors, to provide better Board insights into local chapter issues and needs. After my election to the Board of Governors, she also helped me get involved in the Sensors Council, as the CS representative, because she was aware of my work with radar systems. Additionally, Ms. Land served as the Region 3 Awards and Recognitions Committee (ARC) Chair, immediately after my term in the same position. She quickly stepped in and learned her new responsibilities, and then reviewed and re-wrote the ARC manual to improve the processes and schedule. This is typical of Ms. Land’s skills and capabilities – she can listen fully, seek additional information as needed, assess quickly, and react appropriately.

I believe Ms. Land will be an excellent IEEE President, inspiring IEEE members and potential members, world-wide. Her demonstrated qualities and achievements throughout both her professional career and her years as an IEEE volunteer will allow her to represent IEEE’s technical excellence, and to spread the word about how IEEE members across the globe are advancing technology for the betterment of humanity. As IEEE President, she will have a lasting, significant impact on our profession, and our world.


Paul Nikolich, R1, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee Chairman 2001 to present IEEE Fellow

I first met Kathy while we worked together as volunteers on the Computer Society Standards Activity Board many years ago (~2001), with me serving as IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards sponsor chair and Kathy representing the Software and Systems Engineering Standards. I immediately liked her no-nonsense, straight shooting approach to working with CS volunteers and staff, which has continued throughout her involvement in the many IEEE leadership roles she has served in, right through to her current role as IEEE VP Technical Activities/TAB Chair.   Her career focus and skill on implementing a highly disciplined methodology for highly reliable complex systems has translated well into the necessary skills needed to manage the highly complex organization the IEEE has become, as demonstrated by her success in leadership roles in the IEEE. Kathy has always had making sure she understands the needs of IEEE volunteer/members and how to best prioritize them as one of her highest priorities. As a result, she has worked hard to structure the parts of the organization under her control to best serve us. In my view, this is her most valuable attribute, one that makes Kathy an ideal candidate for 2020 IEEE President-Elect. I heartily endorse Kathy Land as IEEE President-Elect.


Rangachar Kasturi, R3, FIEEE; FIAPR; IEEE Computer Society President, 2008

Susan K. (Kathy) Land and I worked very closely as volunteer leaders of IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) during 2006-11. I served as its president in 2008 followed by Kathy in 2009. I learned much and appreciated the importance of software engineering standards and their practice in industry to the computing profession and IEEE through my interactions with her.

There was a time when programming and software engineering were perceived by many as one and the same. It is through the efforts of people like Kathy that we now have software engineering as a well-established engineering discipline with its own standards, body of knowledge, and literature to support the practicing professionals.   Kathy was instrumental in leading many successful standards development efforts at the IEEE-CS and at the IEEE Standards Association. Kathy’s monumental efforts resulted in the development of new standards to support greener electronics.

Developing standards alone would have little impact unless it is widely accepted and practiced in industry. To address this, Kathy authored several practical guidebooks that provided support for software practitioners in their adoption and use of software engineering standards and document the software process definition, documentation, and improvement. These guidebooks received critical acclaim such as “This book is an ‘industrial book’, par excellence!” (ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, May 2008). At IEEE-CS, she led many efforts focused on establishing software engineering as a recognized engineering profession. Kathy also practiced what she preached – as a manager of a large software engineering company she led several successful software engineering product development for the US Government.

Kathy created many opportunities to enhance the contributions of computing professionals to IEEE during her two terms as elected Division Director of the IEEE Board of Directors. She has been doing an outstanding job as the Vice President of IEEE Technical Activities Board. She is exceptionally qualified to serve as the President of IEEE.  You can make it happen by casting your vote in her favor. Thank you for your consideration.


Wanda Reder, R4, FIEEE; President & CEO Grid-X Partners, Division VII Director 2014-2015; EBCC Chair 2018 Chair 2018-Present; IEEE Smart Grid Past Chair, IEEE Power & Energy Society Past President; IEEE Foundation Board of Directors 2014-Present

I have had the good fortune of meeting Susan (Kathy) Land when she and I were President-Elects for the IEEE Computer and Power & Energy Societies respectively. Over the years, we have become good friends after serving together many times on the IEEE Board, Technical Activities Board, and Women in Engineering Committee to name a few. I have found Kathy to be well versed in IEEE strategic planning, policies, financials, and technical offerings, often reaching across the organization to identify solutions collaboratively and support forward-looking initiatives. Kathy is always well-prepared and uses due process for decisions and governance.  One of Kathy’s most enduring traits is her empathy towards IEEE and its members; she truly cares about members’ interests, is passionate about the future of IEEE and is dedicated to its mission. These leadership qualities are ideal for IEEE. It is therefore my distinct pleasure to endorse Kathy Land for IEEE President-Elect.


Rakesh Kumar, Life Fellow; Past President, Solid-State Circuits Society; TA Lead, and Program Co-Chair, 2017 Sections Congress; Chair IEEE Roadmap Ad Hoc

Kathy has  very impressive endorsements. I would like to add that it has been a pleasure to work with her for many years. She has been very supportive of Technical Activities reaching across to the IEEE membership, especially thru her support of the Sections Congress sponsored by MGA. Her visionary approach is reflected in her support of the Roadmaps activities. I would also like to acknowledge her disciplined leadership qualities. I have been very impressed with her empathy and her ability to pull volunteers up when they are feeling discouraged… a true leadership quality.


Sonya L. Dillard, R3, Senior Member; Chair R3 Member Activities Committee; IEEE Huntsville Section – Past Chair

We have been pleased to have Susan K. Land within our local IEEE Huntsville Section for many years. Over the years, she has volunteered working with our STEM outreach with science fairs and Future City Competition, Computer Society technical events, and has been awarded the Outstanding Engineer Award in 2011. Most recently, I worked with Kathy on some of the logistics with hosting the 2018 TAB miniseries in Huntsville, AL. We were able to bring the MOVE truck to the event, and as usual, it was a very successful event. Kathy is very detailed by nature and she always exceeds expectations. For these reasons, it is my extreme pleasure to endorse her.


Michael R. Williams, R7, a Past-President of the Computer Society, previously a member of the IEEE Board of Directors and many of its Boards

I am very happy to endorse Kathy Land as IEEE President. I have been privileged to be associated with the IEEE for well over 20 years and I have known Kathy as a dedicated volunteer for most of that time. She not only has the ability to get people working together toward a common goal but also does so in a way that makes everyone happy and eager to join the effort. She has shown this ability from the most elementary of volunteer jobs, through being president of a Society, to leading some of the most important boards and groups at the IEEE. She is, thus, capable of seeing the needs and responding appropriately at any level of this organization.

Another of her attributes that I greatly admire is the rare ability not to rush into some project just because it looks good. Rather she will carefully think out all the implications and only then decide the correct course of action. Unlike others I have known in the senior ranks of IEEE volunteers, this thoughtful approach to all she does means that she is usually right and always accomplishes her goals with no unexpected problems.

I have read over her other endorsements, many of which were made by people I highly respect and who have led the IEEE activities for many years. To have such a group endorse you is high praise and, rather than repeat their laudable comments I will simply ask you to read them for yourself.


Theresa Brunasso, R3, PACE Chair

Susan and I worked together on the Region 3 Awards Committee. During that time, she led an effort to rewrite the awards manual so that the awards manual was both in compliance with IEEE policies and reflected how the award winners were selected. Prior to her work with our Region, she had many years of experience with TAB. She encouraged Region 3 volunteers to become active in TAB, and fostered excellent cooperation between MGA and TAB. Susan is dedicated to the mission of IEEE, and works to engage members across the organization. I know that she’ll be an excellent IEEE president, and I’m happy to endorse her.


Steve Diamond, R6, Life Senior Member; Chair IEEE Future Directions Committee

I first met Kathy Land in 2003 when I was serving as President of the IEEE Computer Society. Kathy was then a relatively new Computer Society volunteer, and she introduced herself to me one evening after our Board of Governors meeting. It was obvious even then, that she was going to be a major contributor to the IEEE, and six years later, in 2009, Kathy was herself President of the IEEE Computer Society. After contributing to the IEEE in multiple roles, including on the IEEE Board of Directors, today, in 2018, she is Vice President of Technical Activities. We need her talent, drive, and commitment even more as IEEE President, and I am happy to give her my enthusiastic endorsement.


Dr. John D. Johnson, R4, Senior Member; 2018-2020 Computer Society Board of Governors

I first worked with Kathy Land when I was serving as Chair of MGA Awards and Recognition Committee in 2015. Kathy was an asset to have on our committee and her contributions were integral in forming and meeting our committee goals while I was chair (2015-2016). I have subsequently worked with Kathy while serving on the Computer Society Board of Governors (my term is 2018-2020). Kathy has been the TAB representative to the Computer Society Board and because of financial shortfalls the Society was experiencing, her guidance was integral to the development of a dramatic change in the structure, products and budget plan for the Society, to increase revenues and become viable. While this is an ongoing effort, without her guidance the Society might not have taken steps to quickly change course.

While I have greatly valued her contributions, when I was Committee Chair or Board member, Kathy has also been a mentor and friend as I have taken on leadership roles in IEEE. Kathy is not only very knowledgeable of the mission, strategy and inner workings of IEEE, its Boards, Societies and OUs, she also has all the characteristics of a servant leader. Kathy is patient and listens in a caring way to understand your problems, and she offers sound and compassionate advice to friends and colleagues. She cares about the growth of others. Kathy is persuasive and knowledgeable about IEEE, thus her involvement in a project is impactful nd strongly contributes to its success. I have witnessed her foresight and leadership, and her ability to see and communicate the big picture while never losing sight of mission objectives. She very clearly understands the principles of good management, focus and fiscal responsibility, and these skills are very much needed to steer IEEE on the right course to attract new members with innovative programs and products, to deliver value, and to ensure the future global growth and fiscal wellbeing of IEEE.

From my interactions with Kathy Land, and from observing her capability and concern over the future success of IEEE, her leadership, her impact on The Institute and on the volunteers and staff, I strongly endorse Susan (Kathy) Land for the position of 2020 IEEE President. If elected, she will embody the mission of IEEE, to advance technology for the betterment of humanity, she will be a strong and effective leader uniting people behind common goals, and IEEE will be better for her having served in this role.


Pamela J. Jones, R2; IEEE R2, Awards & Recognition Committee Chair 2018, IEEE R2, Educational Activities Chair 2018

I currently serve as the IEEE Region 2, Awards & Recognition Committee Chair, IEEE Region 2, Region Educational Activities Chair as well as serving as a member of several IEEE committees. I have known Kathy for over 10 years since my days at Northrop Grumman and have found her passion for IEEE, its members and its mission to be infectious and notable.

Kathy’s enthusiasm for IEEE was the driving factor in me joining the Institute. I watched how she gave so much detail in to every aspect of her role as the Computer Society President. Her focus was always on how she could make an impactful change to many of the wasteful business processes of the Computer Society while maintaining or elevating service to the CS members. Ms. Land was one of the most impactful Presidents that the Computer Society has seen.

Kathy is a true leader. Grooming others for succession in increasingly important roles, resolving conflicts and guiding others thru teaching and examples with patience and tact. She unswervingly believes in the ideals and ethics set in IEEE’s guidelines and is an example to its members. She creates a synergistic environment for staff and members to be innovative and effective. Most notably, she is fervent in striving for a diverse and inclusive IEEE and dedicated to increasing membership with academics, researchers and practitioners.

IEEE would be fortunate to have such an insightful individual as its leader. It is for all of these reasons why I strongly recommend Kathy Land as a President-elect.


James W. Moore, R2, IEEE Fellow; IEEE Board of Directors/Past Division Director

Why I’m Voting for Kathy Land for President of the IEEE.  Let’s face it — I’m voting for Kathy because she’s been my friend for nearly 25 years.  The reasons that she’s my friend are the same reasons why you should consider voting for her as President of the IEEE. Kathy is a project manager (in her job and in her life) with a track record of being successful in every task she decides to take on.  She sets ambitious, but realistic, objectives and follows a plan to accomplish them.  She succeeds in nearly all of them.  She understands modern technology and modern development techniques.  She won’t be ‘snowed’ by vague assurances. She listens respectfully to everyone, particularly those who disagree, and acts to narrow differences with them. She never takes shortcuts by ignoring out-of-favor stakeholders. She plays her cards face up. She acts openly, not ‘playing politics,’ but giving everyone the same story, even if they disagree. She operative fairly and ethically, never going ‘behind the back’ of those who might disagree. She knows that anybody, regardless of background or longevity, can have a good idea– one that deserves attention. I’m voting for Kathy and I hope that you will also.


Ann DeMarle, R1; IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors

I have had the honor of serving with Kathy Land since 2007 on various IEEE Computer Society committees and as a Governor and working professionally together while she managed the America’s Army game. Having worked closely with her on a number of initiatives that have required breaking new ground, I wish to share my enthusiastic support for Kathy’s candidacy for the next President of the IEEE.

I have rarely met an IEEE volunteer who has the deep commitment and passion that Kathy has for the IEEE community, mission, and its success. To this commitment, she brings great leadership strengths to include her ability to bring into and engage highly qualified and enthusiastic volunteers. Under her leadership, IEEE volunteers make great things happen. This is due to her no-nonsense management style through which Kathy draws in members, seeks out their thinking, highlights the best, builds consensus, and sets priorities that determine success. Kathy brings to the IEEE her dedication, strong organizational skills, a deep knowledge of the IEEE’s structures and systems, and the ability to inspire action from vision. Under her leadership, the IEEE will be able to meet the challenges facing societies and thrive.


Marc Apter, R2; 2013 IEEE-USA President; 2004-2005 IEEE V.P. Regional Activities (MGA today); 2001-2002 IEEE Region 2 Director

I have known and served with Kathy Land on various IEEE Boards and Committee’s for more than 10 years. I have always found her a Leader, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and someone who cared about IEEE Members, the profession, and the IEEE.

I strongly endorse and support Kathy to be the President-Elect of IEEE.


William W. Moses, R6; Oakland / East Bay Chapter of the NPSS, IEEE Board of Directors (Division IV) 2015-2016; President NPSS AdCom and Member of TAB 2004-2006

I would like to strongly endorse Kathy Land as IEEE President—I think that she would do an outstanding job. She is a clear and insightful thinker, with the ability to look a complex issues and identify what needs to be done. But perhaps more importantly, she is an excellent communicator, making sure that the relevant people get the information they need and treating everyone honestly and respectfully.

I have had extensive opportunities to observe Kathy in action, as we have worked together as IEEE volunteers for a number of years. We were members of TAB at the same time (while she was President of the Computer Society and I was Chair of the Conferences Committee), were members of the IEEE BoD at the same time (she as a representative from Computer Society and I as the representative from Division IV), and we served on a number of high-level ad hoc committees together.

The problems that we worked on together were generally complex, important, and had major strategic consequences. The best example is the IEEEin2030 initiative, as we were both members of the IEEEin2030 ad hoc committee. The goal (to envision how IEEE should adapt to a changing world) was exceptionally challenging, the amount of work needed was staggering, and the best word for the time line to completion is “ambitious.” Although this initiative polarized many people within IEEE, Kathy’s contribution was extremely positive. She made good suggestions, enunciated her thoughts clearly, and communicated thoughtfully and respectfully with a wide variety of people. But perhaps most importantly, her view spanned all of IEEE when she contemplated the issues in front of us, and her goal was to maximize the success of the entire organization and its many different communities. Because of all this, I believe that Kathy Land would be an outstanding President of IEEE.


Holly M. Cyrus, R2; Past Career Activities Coordinator, ECE Chair, and Women and Engineering Committee Member

I wholeheartedly endorse Susan (Kathy) Land. I have worked with her on many projects in the IEEE including successfully moving Women in Engineering (WIE) from the Board level to Membership and Geographic Activities (MGA). She is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the IEEE and is a positive person that gets things done!


Daniel N. Donahoe, Ph.D., P.E., R6, IEEE Senior Member; 2016 IEEE-USA Member-at-Large; 2007-2008 Santa Clara Valley CPMT Chapter Chair

I met Susan Kathy Land who was the IEEE TAB representative to the IEEE‐USA board on which I served as Member‐at‐Large 2016‐2017. My work on the IEEE‐USA board used economic data and statistical methods to elucidate the reasons for our on‐going membership decay. The TAB representatives (VP Land and Mr. Roger U. Fujii, 2016 IEEE Computer Society President) were instrumental in supporting this two year effort, because, as I discovered, even really smart engineers are befuddled by economic analysis.

Vice President Land asked me to chair one of her 2018 TAB ad hoc committees. This new ad hoc committee will extend my IEEE‐USA effort by probing our members’ views of economics as related to engineering. The title of the committee is “Bounded Rationality”, a reference to the first Nobel Prize lecture (formally, The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel) in a field know as behavioral economics (reference: Daniel Kahneman, Maps of Bounded Rationality: A Perspective on Intuitive Judgement and Choice, December 2002). This committee’s membership spans across time zones equaling fifteen hours. Committee results will be presented in at the November board meeting in summary slides and as a white paper.

Each member brings a unique perspective to IEEE, and I wish to indulge myself in one of my own cultural perspectives to explain what I believe is distinctive in the selection of Kathy Land as a candidate for President. In the Catholic Jesuit tradition, there is a value expressed in a Latin phrase cura personalis. This is translated as care for the person, and this value embodies the notion of individualized attention to the needs of the other, distinct respect for his or her unique circumstances and concerns, and an appropriate appreciation for his or her particular gifts and insights. I believe that Kathy Land’s demeanor and management style presents IEEE in the most favorable light. Kathy Land may not think of herself through Latin phrases, but I believe Kathy Land is most suitable as President of IEEE.