Current IEEE Activities

IEEE Committees

    • IEEE Strategic Planning Committee
    • IEEE Entrepreneurship Committee
    • IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
    • IEEE Advisory Group to Support Financial Improvement
    • IEEE Conference Finance Management Remediation (CFMR)

IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB)

  • Past Vice President Technical Activities
  • TAB Strategic Planning Committee; Chair
  • TAB Finance Committee; Member
  • Technical Management Committee; Member
  • TAB FinTrans; Member


  • US Government Community of Interest Ad Hoc, Member


  • WIE ILS Bangalore Advisory Committee
  • IEEE WIE ILC, Lead Beyond, IEEE OU Panel Discussion; 23-24 May; Austin, Texas

IEEE MGA Regional

  • Region 3 SouthEastCon 2019 Planning Committee, Member
  • Conferences Panel Round Table, Member; 2019 R3 SouthEastCon

IEEE Society

  • IEEE Computer Society (CS) Richard E. Merwin Award, Chair