As Member of IEEE Internet Governance Initiative Ad Hoc, I served as the representative for the Technical Activities Board. Working jointly with Standards Association, I contributed directly to the development of a strategic plan for IEEE involvement in global Internet governance. This plan provided the foundation for the long-term engagement of IEEE in the Internet governance space with the aim to restore trust to its technical foundations and the standards, and to preserve the global character and integrity of the Internet. This initiative was critical in setting up a potentially new line of operation for groups in IEEE – aligning technical policy with the technology and services within our technical communities and identifying potentials for growth.

As Member of Women in Engineering Committee, I was primary author of an analysis of, and recommendations for, an effective reporting and operational structure of IEEE’s Women In Engineering Committee (WIEC). The proposal to move the WIE from the Committee of the Board to operate within MGA was subsequently approved and has had a significant positive impact on both WIEC and other IEEE stakeholders.

As President for the IEEE-CS, I led Society efforts for financial recovery and future growth. I was directly responsible for the generation of a balanced budget and elimination of $3.7M deficit during my 2008-2010 leadership tenure. I worked to increasing revenues in the areas of standards activities, conferences, publication, and governance and was dedicated to increasing the value proposition provided to membership. I was the primary author of the 2008 Computer Society strategic plan which changed the strategic planning process incorporating measurable organizational and governance goals and activities.

As Vice President for IEEE-CS Conferences Activities, I worked to increase efficiencies of IEEE-CS conferences management and publications, remaining focused on providing practitioner support. I successfully developed and deployed significant revisions to the IEEE-CS conference operations business model. These changes were prompted by need to address the IEEE-CS financial situation and driven by data indicating an insufficient fiscal model, primarily an inverse fiscal relationship between the number of conferences and associated net contributions.

As Vice President for IEEE-CS Standards Activities, I focused on Sponsor vitality and interoperability and on re-integrating standards-making into the broad technical activities of the IEEE-CS. I was instrumental in bringing on a new standards sponsor, International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and in also developing a new area of standardization standards to support the environmental assessment associated with electronic products (EPEAT) which in 2007 was elevated from a new area of standardization to new standards sponsor. In recognition of my efforts I received the 2007 IEEE SA Standards Medallion.