Candidate IEEE 2020 President-Elect

Transparency & Trust / Financial Accountability / Cooperation & Inclusion

If there is one message that I want to convey, it is that I that I feel so personally thankful in having had the privilege to support the IEEE.  IEEE is home to some of the highest caliber individuals with whom I have ever been associated and has always been a  place for me where my ideas are welcome and participation is encouraged. My desire is to see the IEEE continue to be a place where future members from underprivileged or underrepresented groups, including women, students, young professionals as well as those in less advanced economies seeking professional growth can participate and contribute.  I will focus my efforts to accelerate and nurture innovation, helping to make IEEE the technical professional’s lifelong network of choice and continue to work to make IEEE the first place people go to for the highest quality technical information.

  • I will work diligently to encourage interaction and communication among the IEEE operating units and within its technical and member communities. Although there is tremendous diversity within the IEEE, we are all committed to the same core mission and vision. This commonality of purpose serves both as a source of excellence and strength for its members. I will enthusiastically support the development of new services and products, bringing an optimistic outlook to long-term planning.
  • I will continue my efforts to clarify financial reporting and promote fiscal responsibility. For long-term financial success, we must clearly understand our financial reporting. The assignment of charges to the IEEE operating units and their further allocation to Societies for the creation of products and services must be clear. Infrastructure costs must be obvious and frequently reviewed.
  • I aim to provide value to each member through improvements to the IEEE business process framework. I will focus on what is required to establish, nurture, respond to, and serve our member and volunteer communities. I believe strongly that our diversity requires a flexible framework, not a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. It is imperative that we develop and implement integrated policies and processes that directly support the work of our volunteers. 

One of the great choices that I am so glad that I made over 20+ years ago was to become involved in IEEE – it helped me define who I am technically. This is what I want to share with every individual working in technology.  As I became involved, and saw how collaborative and how effective you could be – how you could empower other volunteers and together collectively make positive changes to our profession – I was hooked!

I thank you for your support of the IEEE – and for your participation in the elections process.

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