I would like to thank you for your support of the IEEE and for your participation in the elections process.

As the Vice President for Technical Activities I will continue to work to make IEEE as the first place people go to for the highest quality technical information in the areas of interest to IEEE.  I will work to accelerate and nurture innovation helping make IEEE the technical professional’s lifelong network of choice.

  • I aim to provide value to each member by leveraging the diversity and breadth of the IEEE technical community. I aim to focus on what is required to establish, nurture, respond to, and serve our technical communities. I believe strongly that our diversity requires a flexible framework, not a ‘one-size fits all’ solution.
  • I will work diligently to encourage interaction and communication among the IEEE operating units and within the Technical Activity community. Although there is tremendous diversity within the IEEE, we are all committed to the same core mission and vision. This commonality of purpose serves both as a source of excellence and strength for the members of the Technical Activity community. There is still much work be accomplished to support IEEE as a whole and to sponsor technical activities that support collaboration, interoperability, marketing, and expansion. I will enthusiastically support the development of new services and products, bringing an optimistic outlook to long-term planning.
  • I will continue to support efforts to clarify financial reporting and promote fiscal responsibility. In order to continue our success, promote future growth, and support our membership I will continue to support efforts that clarify financial reporting. It is crucial that we work with others within IEEE so that the efforts within Technical Activities are prioritized within the IEEE goals and vision, while providing the most benefit to our membership. The IEEE and TAB are working to deliver increasing value to our members and I will continue to support those efforts.

We should continue efforts to optimize and streamline our governance infrastructure working to find ways to deliver cost effective and relevant products and services to our members in the most efficient manner. I will strive to ensure that IEEE Society and Council products are relevant to the marketplace, are affordable, and provide a consistent view of the state of the practice while continuing to look for ways to leverage existing production capabilities. I will continue to support the definition of initiatives and direction that enable collaboration, support interoperability, strengthen our marketing, and sustain plans for fiscal responsibility.


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