IEEE 2022 Past President


IEEE is home to some of the highest caliber individuals with whom I have ever been associated and has always been a place for me where new ideas are welcome and participation is encouraged. My desire is to see the IEEE continue to be a place where future members from underprivileged or underrepresented groups, including women, students, young professionals as well as those in less advanced economies seeking professional growth can participate and contribute.  I will continue to focus my efforts to accelerate and nurture innovation, helping to make IEEE the technical professional’s lifelong network of choice and continue to work to make IEEE the first place people go to for the highest quality technical information.

IEEE is a large and complex organization. Individuals are attracted to IEEE by our products and services, or to volunteer. My objectives are to make practical improvements to inspire them to call IEEE their technical home.  I commit to:

  • Improve the IEEE organization by increasing diversity and awareness of global issues, encouraging communication and engagement across all units of IEEE.
  • Promote and empower the next generation of technical experts by supporting STEM engagement, Student Chapters, and our YP and WIE Affinity groups.
  • Expand our current portfolio of support for industry and entrepreneurs and increase the associated marketing so that the value chain has added impact.
  • Strengthen IEEE through improvements to the business process framework and continue my efforts to clarify financial reporting and promote fiscal responsibility.

One of the great choices that I am so glad that I made over 20+ years ago was to become involved in IEEE – it helped me define who I am both personally and technically. This is what I want to share with every individual working in technology.  As I became involved, and saw how collaborative and how effective each person could be – how you could empower other volunteers and together collectively make positive changes to our profession – I was hooked!

If you are not a member of IEEE and would like to find out how you can become involved. You can participate today as a member or as a non-member in IEEE activities. Please visit to find out more.

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